Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mermaids and Time Off

Well, I'm behind in my art class, but I'm doing it!  I am working through the lessons - I will hopefully have something to share, photo-wise, soon.  I'm proud of myself for not beating myself up but also for doing it.

One of the things I have been avoiding for a long time was sister has always been seen as the artist in the family, so I gave it up and focused on writing.  I have felt that I needed some tangible way to express myself - something without words, so this delving into art has been really challenging but good for me.  I actually drew 5 faces today from the tutorial in my class. It was really interesting to see how similar each one was but also unique.  I'm trying to figure out my own style, which takes a long time, I'm sure.

Anyway, pretty exciting!

In other news - I'm on vacation for a few days. Some staycation time and some beach/friend time.  I have really been needing it - had a meltdown on the phone with my boss a week or so ago and I realized I really needed to get away from things for a little while.

The lesson in all this: Take care of yourselves, do something fun, learn and stretch.  I'm definitely working on all of those things.


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