Art Journal Images

  Here is a place for me to just post the art journal photos for easy access.  I'm struggling right now with the limitations of my abilities. I want MORE ART - more doodling or self-generated images and color and I don't really have any skills for that. I just need to practice. I definitely have a collage style that is emerging, but right now, the pages aren't really what I would call "art journaling". They are magazine collages. I'm trying to get back to more of the Teesha Moore style of collage where parts go together with other things. I'm not very good at cutting up images though. I'm going to practice with some images I feel pretty neutral about - maybe that will help me to cut things up.

This is one of my favorite pages. Probably the color of the dress...


Blurred out the writing but included the page anyway.


  1. Wow! What a wealth of wonderful ideas and beautiful pages! Love it all!

  2. NIce! I love the collages! What medium do you use to anchor it all down? I am sort of newbie at this....

  3. @Ma - I jump around and use a couple of different things. Right now, I am enjoying the Coccoina Glue stick that I found through Kelly Kilmer's blog and purchased on It smells good. :) I also use the Tombo Mono permanent adhesive and sometimes I use Modpodge. I haven't graduated to using Gesso yet...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks, Jean, for stopping by my blog as well and for your glue kind of input! :) I wasn’t sure if you put something all over your work after it is done to “seal” it, or put stuff down with adhesive like the glue stick. I am off to check out the other blogs you mentioned.




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