Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreckage Failure: Week 6

I am trying to wreckoncile myself with the knowledge that I just didn't do my job this week in the wrecking department. I carried the journal with me all week, everywhere I went, but I just didn't do much with it. I think I have hit a creative slump...I think this week, my birthday week, I will have to go into WRECKING OVERDRIVE and just do all the crazy things I have been afraid to do. And maybe mailing is the last thing to do. I was thinking I should do it now, but it seems like I keep NOT doing it...maybe I should do it after the painting and the shower and the other things that I thought would make it hard to mail.

Anyway, the little bit of wrecking that I CAN show is below...I took pictures of the page I'm sending to my exchange partner, but then I realized it would spoil the surprise, so I will post that next week.

Here are my slacker Week 6 photos:


  1. I think we have all slowed down a bit ~ after the initial rampage, how could we keep that up :)

    Anyway, what you HAVE done is very colorful, and I am sure will delight your postman when you decide to give it to him.

    (PS I waited TOO long to mail mine and now it looks like an anthrax bomb or something equally horrific - I wouldn't dare take it down to the PO, so you might keep that in mind ...)

  2. Love the wrecking quote. Well done! :)

  3. Awesome quotes! Many are slowing down. It's like the rhythm of breathing. :)

  4. Awesome quotes! Many are slowing down. It's like the rhythm of breathing. :)

  5. Way to text it up this week! Words is one thing my journal hasn't had enough of and you're inspiring me. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming rampage! :)

  6. I cant mail mine yet.. i'm afraid it wont come back .

    i feel sure you will rampage again!!



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