Sunday, April 30, 2017

Finding My Voice, Again

In the last three months, several people have asked me about the blog - my sorely neglected blog. First, I had no real idea that anyone out there really was paying much attention to me out here in the blogosphere. Secondly, I think it must be a sign as I have been feeling a little lost recently. Which is strange, right? I have so much in my life - I am so blessed. At the same time, even in recognizing my blessings, I sometimes feel like I am losing my own authentic voice. Not through any means of oppression or anything nefarious. Just that I am generally representing the voice of others. Which I love. How could I be an interpreter and not appreciate that I have the opportunity to amplify the voice of folks who may not always be heard without an avenue simply because of language barriers?

No, the real reason I feel like I am losing my voice is just that the stories and thoughts that I have stay internal most of the time. It's my own sense of propriety that creates this weird imbalance. At the same time, that I have been asked, that I have felt like I need to express myself...these two things in combination are enough to nudge me gently in the direction of the blog. I had originally switched to Facebook for my meandering thoughts, but again, I feel that is a place where the stage lights are bright. This, too, is the internet - if someone wants to find me, they can. But they have to look. And be purposeful. Facebook is a different animal. So, I'm back. Who knows how often. Who knows what I will do or say? I just feel compelled. I still have stories to tell. I still have art to do. Books to read. Thoughts to work through.

So, let's see what happens.

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