Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Joy Diet: Creativity Continued

I joined a book group with a bunch of FANTASTIC bloggers and we are all reading Martha Beck's "The Joy Diet". This is a continuation of a post from earlier this week. I am behind and trying to catch up but also trying to digest the book. This week, we focused on Creativity.

One of the activities I did was to take the Desires I listed here and turn them in to questions and come up with some possible ways to bring my intention into alignment with my desires and actions. I really liked this activity - it helped a lot. I always read in books "Write it down. It will clarify your thoughts and commit you to these intentions." Normally, I don't do it, but I'm really glad I did this.

How can I achieve more balance in my life?

  1. Set an alarm and leave work when it goes off. (Thanks to Patti Digh for this suggestion)
  2. Plan events/activities that will enhance balance and encourage me to keep it up.  This includes things like go to the movies, get together with friends or be in contact more, read more books, do something creative regularly (collage, cards, vision boards) and keep up my blog
  3. Say NO when that is what I really want to say
  4. Focus on the goal, the achievement, not how tired I feel
  5. JUST DO IT. Stop waiting for permission.

How can I spend more time being creative/artistic?

  1. Set up weekly Artist Dates and follow through (Thank you, Artist's Way)
  2. Make something every day - focus on Quality, not Quantity (Thank you, Patti Digh)
  3. Plan 30 minutes a day for self (creative endeavors, reading, music) to nuture self
  4. Take class in something I want to learn (collage, art journals, digital photography, mosaic making)
  5. In the morning, think about a creative thing I can do at work that will meet this need and break me out of regular work patterns - creativity can be used at work.

How can I have a positive impact on the people I am in contact with regularly?

  1. HopeRevo - use this as one of my "creative" endeavors, that also translates to positive thoughts/experiences for others
  2. Thank you cards. 1 each day. Hand written.
  3. Keep a gratitude journal. Helps to recognize blessings.
  4. After my 15 minutes of "landing" time at work, take the time to go out and say hello to each person who is at work.
  5. Take time for self to be creative, to be connected, to find more balance - these things allow me to be more kind and thoughtful, as well as connecting us.

How can I live a more connected life?

  1. Thank you cards. One each day. Hand written.
  2. Be more present. Send the email. Make the call. Don't wait.
  3. Instigate. Don't wait for others to ask.
  4. If invited and you want to go, make it happen.
  5. Reach out - take the risk to connect to those you want to connect with.

How can I honor my wish to write?

  1. Keep up with the blog.
  2. Use some of the prompts I have now.
  3. Read blogs, books. More. Read more.
  4. Keep a journal - art or other. Gratitude and "live your wild and precious life" and "The Artist's Way". This will help.
  5. Write every day. Something. Blog post, journal, poem, start a story or article.


  1. I like your five ideas for each of your desires. In fact, I may even steal a couple of them to use for myself! Perhaps when it comes time to take our small risks in the next chapter, we'll feel that the practice of coming up with these creative ideas has become more meaningful and rewarding.

  2. Hi Jean!
    This is a great list, full of good suggestions.
    The gratitude journal is a very helpful idea. It's easier to focus on what is good and successfull when you daily look on what you are grateful for.
    Thanks for your supportive comment!
    Best, LW

  3. Hey, great list! I recognised some things I'm trying to do myself. If you're anything like me, you may feel a bit overwhelmed trying to realise all those great intentions. I loved Martha's advise to just change one thing. I make changes, but I make them slowly. I hope in time all your desires come true!

  4. What great lists.... I love the idea of writing thank you notes daily. It makes a beautiful connection between embracing gratitude and bridging the gaps between us and others...

  5. these are incredible lists you have. I may borrow a few to incorporate into my daily routines if I can! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  6. I LOVED your ideas and checked out Patti's site and the HopeRevo site - I loved the idea of a gratitude journal and want to know more about a "Live your wild and precious life" journal - is there a link for that too?

    You have a lot of great ideas!

    Thanks also for popping into my "Creativity" post!

    Kathy C.

  7. I bookmarked this page - you have so many wonderful ideas that are on my list as well.

    Thanks for introducing me to HopeRevo. It's like a combination of two of my favorite things Hope is in the Cards
    and Guerilla Art.

  8. What a wonderful list to work from. So many ideas. It will be so great to see them unfold for you. Take care.

  9. It seems that after screaming in the previous post you had lots of bubbling energy left for this wonderful list. :)

  10. Love your lists of creative desires! I can feel your creative energy swirling. So nice to connect with you!



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