Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Night of Television - Spoilers Possible

I watched a bunch of crap on TV tonight that I don't normally watch and I so regret it right now.

I watched the premier of "The Deep End" - a show about a bunch of over-eager first year lawyers who join a law firm of smarmy, jaded lawyers and they all wander around making excuses for their unethical, immoral behavior and sleep with anyone that moves in their general direction.  This show should not be on at 8pm.

Then, I watched "Grey's Anatomy", a show that I have tried to like and even watched the first year it was on.  After that, I kept feeling like "if real hospitals are like this, I can't know about it."  I can't stand Meredith except in her voice-overs.  I want them all to wash their hair and take a shower.  They are all smarmy, unethical, promiscuous people here, too.  Tonight, a couple who had split up then came clean about having an affair on the other one and each of them was outraged by the behavior of the other.  I realized tonight that there is not one character on the entire show that I like. I like the actors - all of them except for the one playing Meredith, but I don't like the characters. None of them seem redeemable to me.

Then, as if that weren't enough, I watched "Private Practice" where all the hypocritical doctors have all slept with each other and treat each other and behave in highly inappropriate, unethical and possibly illegal ways.  Tonight, one doctor's 15 year old daughter turns up pregnant and while trying to scare the kid straight, the mom drags the daughter into the private room of a patient giving birth and forces the daughter to watch a total stranger and PATIENT give birth. Ummm...HIPAA anyone?  Lawsuit anyone?  Then, the psychologist of the group tries to help a grieving husband go home for the first time after his wife died...then dumps on the guy about abandoning her child and bawling in his arms.  Um...boundaries much?  I want to like this show SO MUCH...Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, Audra McDonald...  I can't stand any of the characters.  Addison is the most steady and she started out the show by sleeping with everyone in sight.

The lovely end of the evening was the teaser on the news - Tiger in Sex Addiction Treatment...

I give up. I'm going to bed.  Thursday nights are a total wash right now.


  1. This seriously disturbs me. I think we are in the midst of a serious cultural and moral meltdown in this country.

    I'm even more scared that due to this overwhelming abundance of media that lacks "good nutritian" that we will see a wave of severely uber -conservatism.

    What happened to the good shows. Sad, too, because I really like most of the actors, too. But the contect STINKS!

    ok, I'll stop now. ;-)

  2. Go back to Wednesdays! "Modern Family" is AWESOME! We all get a kick out of it, great laughs, great acting, real life stuff. "The Middle" is pretty good too.


  3. I. Love. You.

    This post was absolutely dripping with exasperation and disgust, and I have to say it totally cracked me up! Way to nurture your inner Crab!

  4. Hey buddy
    Just found your post through t, of all things. great post...i feel the same way you do about those damn shows. I just got asked if one man's poop can cure another with diarrhea? what? and...surprise, surprise, it was from one of these damn shows! UGHHHH! Great post.



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