Sunday, July 14, 2013

On Birthdays and Art

First of all, I understand that there is much in the world that is not worth celebrating - the Zimmerman verdict, the death of Cory Monteith (Finn from "Glee"), world upheaval...
and yet, these things also make me think that I should be grateful for my life, for my family and friends, relative health, and all other gifts - large and small.

Today is my 46th birthday. Birthdays are not all parties and cakes and celebration - they can be thoughtful, reflective and transformative. I'm not saying this one is all that - just that I have realized that the world doesn't just stop and celebrate the fact that I'm alive. I get it.


At the same time, in a parallel universe, I am enjoying the litany of well-wishes from my friends on FB, from my co-workers (one of them made me a handbound art journal with water color paper and a PINK cover!!), from my family and live friends.  It is good to wrap the love and good thoughts around you sometimes.

And on the art front, I took decided to take an online art class with the Art Journal artist that first got me into actually working in an art journal - Teesha Moore, and one of her artist friends, Jane Davenport.  The class was called The Mermaid Circus and I have been having a good time.  I used to draw some, but I was too much of a perfectionist and my sister was an amazing artist. I decided to use my writing skills instead. This class has lead me back to some drawing and I have enjoyed it.  I'm not done with the class and I don't want to give away too many of their secrets, but I thought I would post some of the work I've done so far.

A collaged Mermaid tail. I haven't done much here...afraid of "ruining it". Ugh. I have to get over that.

Teesha Style journal. She has YouTube videos showing you how to make them.

Inside the journal. Juicy color. Not exactly ocean shades, but who cares. It's my book.

More juicy color.

Teesha Journal #2.

Inside journal #2.

Second attempt at a Jane Davenport style face.

Fifth attempt at a Jane Davenport style mermaid face. I didn't love this one, but I wanted to post it anyway.

A few days later. I wanted to see if I could make faces that didn't all look like the same person. My original attempts all looked like the same mermaid. I think this was a pretty good exercise. Plus, hair experimentation. :)

Blown up version of one of the small faces

Another detail size of one of the smaller faces

Detail of a smaller drawing

Upturned Jane Davenport face. Not great, but first attempt.

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