Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 8: Week At-a-Glance

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today was a good day.  I was basking in the after-glow of a thoroughly satisfying performance.  I felt like I had reaffirmed myself as an interpreter, I had met my own expectations (which are usually too high), I had a good time, I saw good friends and I was in the presence of a vibrant, moving, beautiful show.

I smiled all day today, even though my hips and legs are a little sore from standing in one place for so long.  My arms and shoulders and neck are all feeling loose - like I worked all the lactic acid out of my muscles.  I feel like all the tension and stress I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks slipped out of my body and left me feeling very physically tired, but in a very satisfying way.

My work as an interpreter is something that I sorely miss - now that I manage interpreters instead of doing the work full-time.   One of the interpreters in the audience last night (who had never seen me interpret anything AT ALL), came up to me and said, "I'm so glad you have this as an outlet to get that out.  You need to do this."  I realized she was right.  It's funny because people think it is the spotlight that is the attraction.  It isn't. For me, it is having the opportunity to participate in sharing theatre.  I am a storyteller at heart (although sometimes you'd never know it here...), so this feels like a natural extension of that.  I feel lucky that the Deaf community has welcomed me so - it is an honor.

This week was a good week.  Every day, whether I took a lunch or not (smile), I thought about the kind of person I am becoming, that I want to be, that I am already.  My thoughts went all over the map in this first week, but I am just taking the journey.  Once I got over trying to define the type of road I was on those first couple of days, it just became a natural part of the day.  Eight days down.  A lifetime to go.  Even if I stop the conscious participation after 37 days or 370 days, BECOMING will never stop.  

Happy Friday!


  1. Do you ever take something for granted? Something you know exists, have seen, but never really thought too deeply about? That's how I was with interpreters. I noticed them at events but never really thought about them more than, "what a great service." You just opened my eyes, thanks.

    And about lunch. I have the same bad habit of letting my schedule and workload get in the way of my needs. Sometimes we forget to put ourselves first when we can and when it's wise to do so. The work will be there when you get back. Tell yourself you'll only be gone for X (minimal amount of time) minutes and see what happens.

    I love your last few words, "becoming will never stop." So true.

  2. Hey Deirdre- Thanks for your comments! The good thing about taking us for granted is that we kinda like it that way -part of our job is to try to remain in the background as much as possible - blend in and let the participants do whatever they need to. Performance stuff is harder to pull of in that way - what with the big huge light on us. :)

    I agree with you about the lunch thing. That is one of the reasons I chose this activity. Just trying to be more conscious and purposeful about it. This was a difficult week for it because of all that was going on, but I am committed to making that a habit, too.

    Thanks for all the support! We are all doing this! I love it!

  3. So true! Authenticity flows effortlessly.



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