Friday, June 12, 2009

Wreck This Journal: Week 2

I had a really good time the last couple of weeks working on Wrecking my journal.  I forgot to take a picture of the book in its original state, though.  I did take a photo after week one, though, so it definitely shows the progress so far.

I bought the book a while ago.  It has a remainder mark on the top and bottom, but otherwise was pretty unscathed, until I started scathing. Hee hee.

My favorite so far has been adding my own page numbers...I'm not done yet, but I realized in looking around at some of the other Wrecker's blogs - I took the directions in an entirely different way than the folks I have seen so far...I didn't number the pages in order. I started randomly assigning numbers to the pages and in strange places. Problem is that even if I took a bunch of photos of it, it wouldn't make sense. I also really like adding color to the book. I'm excited to do more things with color.  I have been putting off anything to do with food and licking and REAL mess...I think I have to get through the move at work before I can really focus on the good stuff.

Here are some photos of my destruction.  I am also working on the page where you rip out the page, put it in your pocket, wash it and put it back in the book. I realized I better step it up if I want to be done by the end.  I thought I should pace myself in the beginning, but I think I'm behind now. It's all good - will make the urgency of destruction that much more effective.  Anyway, enjoy! I'm WildRumpusing through Wrecking my Journal!!


  1. What great wrecking. I like the way you started. Somehow, I think this is all going to get so much MORE as we continue on with the book.

  2. I like your doodling.
    Happy wrecking!

  3. So wonderful! I'm imagining your circle page as wallpaper - very cool!

  4. hehe Love the fat lines and thin lines. And the circles... I am finding I love everyone's circle page. Great wrecking!!

  5. I really like your back of envelope doodling! very nice, great wrecking!

  6. Great wrecking! Looks like you are having fun!
    Thanks for dropping by as well.
    That adds to the fun for me - visiting and being visited by others.
    Take care.

  7. Love it! You've started with such gusto! The doodling and circles are amazing :)

  8. You envelope doodle is fabulous! Looks like you are wrecking the journal in fine fashion!

  9. So many pages, so little time.... LOL. Quality bitemark, any vampires in your family? ;) Wreck On!!!!



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