Friday, July 31, 2009

Out with a Whimper? No! - Wreck-Ending Week

Well, I started the week strong...I lost my page in a rather purposeful way last Friday on my way out of work...

I put the page behind a sign that changes on a daily basis. I was hoping that someone would wonder about the page and take it on its own adventure, but I will never know what happened to it.

Then I took some pictures of my beautiful pink hydrangeas, thinking I might take some petals, rub the journal in some dirt or SOMETHING.

Then the HEAT. It got up to 108 degrees (in the Pacific NW, you might as well have sent me in a rocket to the sun). I went to a hotel for three nights to stay cool. I thought I would wreck there, but I was out of my element, out of my environment and I was tired.

My LAST WEEK of Wrecking with the group and I thought, "Well, I just didn't get it done." But underneath that...I wonder if it is my subconcious way of saying that even though the journey with those friends is over, perhaps I will continue to wreck and explore my ability to overcome my creative issues.

I have imagined things I would do to my journal - like rubbing thick paint all over the cover and cutting it up to become a new book. I have always only imagined that kind of behavior, but I am GOING TO DO IT!! This isn't the is merely a transition. This is the part where I say, "I can continue this journey on my own." That is HUGE. Huge steps in letting go, in creativity, in follow-through, in doing things the way I want to instead of how I am "supposed" to.

During this process, I saw so many people doing such brilliant work and I did things I never thought I could do to a book. I have plans for continuing and I think my lessons are still coming. When I saw Barbara @ Reptitude's ultimate end to her journal (burning it for a campfire and some s'mores), I realized that I might need that lesson - letting go. I'm excited for my continued wrecking and I will continue to post here on Fridays with my progress.

Here are the pictures I have - from mailing my partner's page the week before last to my losing of the page and my beautiful pink hydrangeas. Thank you Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios for hosting The Next Chapter: Wreck this Journal and to all my new Wrecking Friends for the support, the fun and all the great Wreckreation. It has been a pleasure.

My Favorite Page exchange:

At the post office to mail my exchange page...I was a little slow, but I got it out there...

Now it is on it's way...

Losing my page...

See the black thing in the corner of the sign...That's my page!

My beautiful hydrangeas:


  1. Your hydrangeas ARE sooooooooooooo beautiful! I adore hydrangeas and wish all the time I had a good spot to grow them but get TOO MUCH hot sun here.

    Love how you are transitioning, not stopping. Keep on keeping on, Wreck Star! Makes me think of that old 70's song - 'Turn the Page'...and here I go leaving a song reference and can't spit out the artist's'll come to me after I hit 'enter'. (oh shoot - and my sister LOVES that song!)

  2. i cannot even imagine it that hot up there. when i lived in Eugene, decades ago, the weather was, well, wet of course but always temperate. Stay cool!

    And of course, keep on the wrecking path.

  3. You are doing such fun stuff with your journal! Wouldn't it be something if you find that page somewhere at work one day? And your hydrangeas! I have never seen any with such depth of color! My one little bush is just white. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get those colors?
    Wreck On!

  4. it's been nasty hot here since last of april..
    LOVE those gorgeous hydrangeas, what a luscious color.. Your swap doodling is exciting, '' i have loved getting to know all of you, lets continue !

  5. I'm gonna keep on top of your wrecking on fridays ... I'm not done myself.

    So while the journey has been a blast, this is not goodbye at all ;)

  6. You are so creative. I know it was hard to let go.
    And your hydrangeas are awesome! I too will miss this adventure.

  7. What a wonderful wrecking journey. Thanks for playing along!

  8. glad to have shared in the wrecking journey with you. it's been a great time!

  9. 108 - WOW! But, your hydrangeas are beautiful!!!

    I'm not finished wrecking either. At first I felt like I hadn't completed a homework assignment but I'm with you - I'm gonna do what I want so - the wrecking continues!!

  10. How wonderful! Way to honour your own rhythms and desires! Here's to the next phase of the journey - full of making those wild imaginings come to life! I'll still be cheering you on!



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