Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiny Recovery

Well, a lovely afternoon/evening with friends will do wonders for a person's disposition. I'm still out of sorts, but feeling better than I did yesterday. We had a nice dinner and then went to Voodoo Donuts (I have never been). We bought a couple of donuts and then cut them up to share. My favorite was the Devil's Food with Coco Puffs on top. Hee hee.

Today, we got up, had breakfast, walked to the MAX train, went to Art Media and Finnegans and then took the Streetcar through NW Portland and stopped in at the New Renaissance Bookstore. Unfortunately, the bookstore had TOO MUCH INCENSE burning and I couldn't stay, even though I found a book and a couple of magazines I wanted to buy. We ate at a bagel place I have never heard of -Kettlemans?  They actually boil their bagels - the way they are supposed to be. I think they were on a par with Noah's.  Then we took the streetcar and Max back to the hotel where my friends are staying.

I showed them how to make the Teesha Moore Amazing 16-page journals and tomorrow, we will work on them some more.  We tried to go to Pho Van for dinner but after waiting 30 minutes, we ended up at the Barley Mill at 9:00pm.

It was a long day, but we had fun and the weather was beautiful. I'm sad that there is only one more day...then back to the other stuff.


  1. Yay! Sounds like a great Saturday. As for me, I had to be on the phone with Sears and yell at them for still not dealing with charges on my stolen credit card from 5 months ago, arrgggh, then hang out at home for the comcast guys!

    Hoping for a more sun filled day today!


  2. Voodoo Donuts!! The magic's in the hole! :)



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