Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Artist's Way - Week Four (Integrity)

I'm so far behind, but I am still in it. Still reading. Still thinking all day long. It is exhausting to have this inner dialogue going on while still moving through the rest of my life.

So here's to "Recovering a Sense of Integrity". Buried Dreams: An Exercise -

1. List five hobbies that sound fun: pottery, painting, scrapbooking, reading, photography
2. List five classes that sound fun: writing memoir, creating mosaics, beginning digital photography, improv class, creating collage
3. List 5 things you personally would never do that sound fun: kayaking, hiking, living in Africa, doing "The Amazing Race", working in the Elephant Orphanage
4. List five skills that would be fun to have: mad web design skills, photography composition, dancing, letting go, stand up comedy skills
5.List five things you used to enjoy doing: swimming, playing outside, bowling, coloring, going out with friends
6. List five silly things you would like to try once: staying at that hotel that is on stilts in the ocean, swimming with dolphins, learning to play a drum, hypnosis, living at the beach for a summer.


  1. are you still doing the morning pages? I find that the inner dialogue seems to lessen as I get into the rhythm of those morning pages. thanks for hanging in with the AW!

  2. Nice to have you back here trailing the pack with me ;)
    I was getting lonely way way way back here by myself!

    I want to work in the Elephant Orphanage too! And while you are in your stilts hotel, I will visit the ice hotel in some norther clime and we can exchange postcards from our trips!

  3. Ooh, I like your silly things list. I kinda want to do some of those, too -- only I didn't think of them to put on my list. Especially the hypnosis, living at the beach for a summer, hotel on stilts in the ocean, and playing a drum (esp. middle eastern-style for belly dance).

    I've swum with a single dolphin. It was pretty cool. His skin felt like a firm boiled egg. But I felt bad he was living in captivity so folks like me could get our kicks.

    As for the skills, if I can learn "letting go," well, it'll all be all right. Right?

    p.s. You're not that far "behind" ;)

  4. LOL. I just realized my "especially" list is ... everything on your list except the one I've done. See, I really like your list!



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