Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Election is Almost Over!

I have to get my ballot sent out and in a hurry. I want to have it sent by Tuesday...

Can I just say how glad I will be when it is all over with?  I'm a political junkie - I listen to my Air America all the time and I like the conversation about political things but I get so TIRED of election rhetoric.  Anyone's.  I get so sick of the political ads and the desperation that the candidates show as the time draws closer - particularly in local politics.  I'm glad we have the right to voice our opinions in our government and all, but man, I can't wait until we have voiced it already.

On a different topic - I still have "Spring Awakening" songs playing in my head.  The show is really catchy and was very well done.  I think my favorite character/voice was Ilse - both on the CD and on stage. They both have this husky strident voice.  The song that keeps haunting me right now is "Spring and Summer".  Just beautiful.

I don't have a show again until "The Color Purple" in January (on January 1, as a matter of fact), so I am plotting my movie-going schedule along with a listening schedule so that I won't be so frantic to get to know the music for the show.  I always put off listening so that I am a week or so shy of where I would feel REALLY confortable with my level of knowledge of the music.  I mean, they can't all be "Les Miserables" or "Rent" where I can duplicate every breath of the show.  In the perfect world, I guess that would be what I would do, but in my flawed, trying-to-take-some-time-for-myself world, it just isn't possible. 

What I decided was that I could listen to all the politics I want until right after the election and then I will go back to listening to politics/radio in the morning on the way to work (I justify this by knowing that I will be able to hear the traffic and weather reports which may affect my arrival time at work) and on the way home, I will listen to "The Color Purple".  Two months is actually a long time to listen for, that's the plan.

Next movie up, "The Secret Lives of Bees" (I think that's the title).  I wanted to see"Ghost Town" but I think it is gone from the theatres.  I guess it will be a DVD watch.

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