Monday, May 11, 2009

"Les Miserables" on 20/20 (1987)

"Les Miserables" is one of my FAVORITE musicals. I started listening to the Original London Cast recording in 1986. I finally saw it live in NYC in 1987 (right before New Year's) with Roby. It was overwhelming and I wept nearly the entire show and for about 15 minutes afterwards. It was the whole reason I went to NYC the first time, one of the ways that I was convinced to become an interpreter (dreaming of interpreting it, even though I didn't know that people actually did that kind of work) and the first musical I ever DID interpret - starting a long and lovely career interpreting Broadway musicals.

I love this show dearly and every couple of years, my musical heart goes back to it. With all those folks on "Britain's Got Talent" singing songs from the show, it made me want to hear the original folks. I hope you enjoy the clips like I did.

Les Miserables on 20/20 part 1

Les Miserables on 20/20 part 2

Les Miserables on 20/20 part 3

Les Miserables on 20/20 part 4

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