Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Spring Awakening" arrives in Portland

Ok, ok. So I listened to "Spring Awakening" a few times and the music was nice enough...still some odd undercurrents and storylines. Then I found a bunch of videos on YouTube...what would I do without YouTube? Interpreting will never be the same now that we have the internet and YouTube and Google. I used to have to spend days at the library or Powell's trying to find information about the background of different plays or to find literary references, etc. Now, I turn on my computer. Who knew things would go this way?

Anyway, I am slowly falling in love with some of the songs and voices of the show. In particular, I am really loving Lauren Prichard from the original Broadway cast recording. She played Ilse and sings some of the most gorgeous songs. All the actors have amazing voices and they sing with an energy and passion that I haven't heard since "Wicked" or "Rent". Very fresh, very new. I don't know that I LOVE the story - a little too over-the-top for me but still, refreshing to do something new instead of another round of "Oklahoma!".

Here is Lauren Prichard singing "The Dark I Know Well" on the Songwriter's Hall of Fame:

Here is a clip of the show from the 2007 Tony Awards:

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