Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Roby Starns!

On 11/26/66, Roby Starns was born.  He lived for 29 short years before leaving us on 1/8/96.  I miss him daily.

I was planning to meet his mom and go up to the cemetary today but since I am sick, I think I will wait. I don't want her to get the flu. :(

And as I post these pictures, I remember that one of the things that is so unexpectedly hard about people dying is that there are never any new pictures of them. It sounds stupid, but it is something that impacts me in a really heavy and weird way. If someone moves or goes away on a long trip, there is the possibility of new photos - seeing them grow and change and be happy.

P.S. I know the pictures have weird white dots...that's what happened when I scanned them. They are from the Seaside, OR photobooth. I hope I can learn enough about a photoshop program someday to fix them.

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  1. Tom Should be able to help you on the photoshopping. His email is



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