Saturday, January 21, 2012

Avoiding the Fire

I'm struggling with some of the exercises in both the ecourses I am taking:  How To Build a Blog You Truly Love and A Year With Myself.   I know why I'm struggling - it is delving into the depths of who we are and what we want and where we go from here.  There is a part of me that is seeking this process, these kinds of exercises and the truths of my life and at the same time, I have a fear of it.

It is probably natural to avoid holding a mirror up to oneself or shining a light on some of the things that make us who we are but may not make us feel proud or strong.  I'm hoping that with these practices, it will become easier. I felt like I had to acknowledge my resistance so that maybe I could get through it.

I have been visiting some of the other blogs in the courses and they have so much to share. I hope that I will be able to reach those levels of sharing and authenticity. I'm reaching but I don't always make it.


  1. I have only achieved the first one. I now know who I am. But have the same question what do I want and where to go from here. The last 2 is a life time of answering those 2 questions over and over as things change. There are many roads to travel and chapters of life to write. I would love to hear if you find out how to decide.
    But I know contentment with what is is a blessing. Accepting what is is.

  2. Hi, again, I just went and saw the writing prompts. And think I will give them a shot too. You find some amazing things. Thanks for the referral. wishing you the best. :)

  3. I wish I had the money to take the "How to build a blog you truly love" but... no such luck. It sounds like it's quite interesting.

    I just checked out "A year with myself" and signed up for that. (the no fee part)

    Happy blogging.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is to some Wild Rumpusing!

  5. what you shared this post
    is so beautifully authentic
    ....I think you're there.
    go slow,
    be gentle with you
    don't forget to breathe:)
    Stuff takes time
    when it's real.
    peace and patience,



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