Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflection - Growing Into Looking Back

I started looking at sites where the bloggers were doing Reverb2011 or Reverb11, as it were.  I did it last year, but I found the questions to be too repetetive and I got bored with myself.  I found a couple of places this year where the questions were more reflective of the year 2011 and lss repetetive, but I realized I didn't really have an answer to many of the questions they were asking.  It sort of made me think that I need to be paying more attention to my life...

So, I still haven't committed to anything for December yet, other than writing in the blog every day and doing some art journaling this month. 

I want to enter 2012 with some purpose and thoughtfulness. I don't need resolutions, per se, but I like the idea of having some questions in mind as I go through the year.  I think reflection is like any other skill - you have to practice. I have practiced in some ways, but in many others, I haven't really reflected in a way that is meaningful to me or to anyone else.

Something to strive for, right?

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