Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends and Memories

Had dinner with a couple of friends from my checkered past. One person I see pretty regularly, so our focus is mostly on the here and now and the other person I haven't seen since 2008. We ate at Typhoon! in Beaverton - it was okay, but Thai Terrace is better! :)  I should have known that.

My biggest regret - I brought my camera and forgot it in the car. I didn't realize it until I was getting in the car to drive away. Bummer.

It is amazing how much we change in a relatively short time - all of us.  We are all calmer and more settled in our lives, a little more serious, a little more focused. Good in many ways but sad in others. There is still so much to enjoy and to celebrate. I'm sure if we were all around each other more, we would get to that - just interesting to see.

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