Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Simplicity

I woke up this morning not knowing what day it was, but hoping, based on the time, that it was Saturday. I got up at 8:45am and just sort of started my day - nothing spectacular, but not just killing time, either.

I watched clips of "Legally Blonde" on YouTube which made me wonder what I used to do before YouTube. I have always purchased the CDs of musicals as they come out - for my own enjoyment more than anything else. Good shows that come out on DVD are so few and far between, so I make it a point to purchase those, too. I find it a shame that the producers, writers, someone doesn't make video recordings available when some of these beloved shows close. It isn't a deterrent to people - people LIKE repetition. I have seen "Rent" at least 30 times. I've seen "Les Miserables" 10+ times and have all the CDs, videos, everything. I have all the "Chess" CDs, have the DVD of the concert, I have listened to the original concept album since it came out. The list goes on. I would purchase the DVDs and STILL attend the live shows, both here and in NYC when I visit.

Anyway, after I worked on the show, I spent a little time on Facebook where I found an "Addicted to Buffy" application that made me want to watch "Buffy", so I went back to where I had briefly paused in Season 7. I love that show. And Season 7 is one of the best. I have been in a "Friends" phase for a month or so - mostly because there is a "Play All" feature on those discs so I can do other things and just have it playing in the background without having to tote the remote around or go looking for it.

While I watched "Buffy", I worked on my art journal #2. I only have a teeny part left in Journal #1 and then I can start writing in them. I don't have them quite where I want them to be, but I am happy with the results I am seeing. I'm hoping to break out of the box soon - but I have a feeling I just have to keep trying...I have to get over the hesitation and thinking. I will...I know I will.

I took some photos of the journal pages in progress, but I think I will save the photos for tomorrow.

The other thing I did was talk to my Cali friends and planned a trip up for a birthday celebration. They are coming in for the show and then will be staying the weekend. Lots of fun, art, chat and oh, did I say fun? I can't wait!!

Hope your Saturday was as good as mine!


  1. What is the attraction to seeing shows NUMEROUS times?

    My Saturday was uneventful...but my Sunday? Best ever, in a bittersweet way (the closing show of RENT).

  2. I think shows have so many layers - like onions...every time you see it, you hear it differently, notice something different, things have different meanings depending on what you are going through at the time. Why do we listen to the same songs over and over? It creates and touches something in us...

    And I'm so jealous of you seeing RENT yesterday. I hope you had a great time!! ;)



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