Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reverb11 - Breakthroughs

From this blog...DAY 6: BREAKTHROUGHS
What were your biggest breakthroughs? This can be in any area: emotional, spiritual, career, etc.

I think I had a couple of breakthroughs this year, to be honest, and some back-sliding, too.

Breakthrough 1:  I'm not responsible for other people's happiness, only my own.
Breakthrough 2:  If I want something, I have to make it happen. Waiting doesn't do anything but make me yearn.
Breakthrough 3:  Feeding myself (emotionally, spiritually, physically) helps me become more of who I want to be.  I haven't quite got this down though - it is a tiny crack of a breakthrough that I understand but haven't fully implemented/embraced/fulfilled.
Breakthrough 4:  Returning to a spiritual practice grounds me.

These seem simple and obvious, but really living them - believing them - that's the key. I have scratched the surface of all of these issues before (sometimes more than one time) but every time I revisit them, I get to go deeper, find more, commit more.

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