Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Traditions - Revamp

For a variety of reasons, this year is a bit of a slimmed down Christmas. It feels weird, but good.  I went out for a little last minute wrap-up gifts and found that I really have most everything I need.  I brought it all home, wrapped it all up and am ready to go.  This is momentous as I have NEVER in my adult life been done wrapping on Christmas Eve proper. I usually stay up well into the night after scrambling all day long to get all my errands done.

My office is open on most holidays, so on more family-oriented holidays, I like to bring some food and treats to the folks who are working. This year, we were supposed to be closed on Thanksgiving, but at the last minute, some folks wanted to work and we needed them. Unfortunately, I had already made plans for the day and I didn't do my usual treat-bringing. No one said anything until today (there were only 2 people there that day), but it was noticed.  I have felt twinge-y since then, so I knew I would want to bring something for today and tomorrow.  Since I live a ways away, that always takes up a couple of hours, plus the last minute shopping, etc.

One year, Roby and I stayed up all night wrapping gifts in extra heavy duty tinfoil.  Roby thought it would "look cool". It did - very chrome-like.  The downside was that all the foil kept ripping on the edges. Imagine wrapping a giant Cuisinart box in tinfoil.  Ahem. We only did that once. And we were young...

Anyway, I'm at loose ends now that I'm not frantically wrapping gifts or running around trying to deliver stuff. It feels weird and good at the same time, like I said.

Now comes the part where I start thinking about how I want to open up the new year and the things I want to do and the ways I want to document the year.  I have already signed up for the second part of Brene Brown's eCourse - "The Gifts of Imperfection". Check it out if you are so inclined.

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