Sunday, March 9, 2008

BlogAffair - 37 Days

I am in love with a blog right now...

First off, Patti (the author) writes brilliantly and about issues that make my heart hurt - racism, homophobia, women's issues. Her blog from a couple of days ago has a brilliant clip from YouTube with Tracy Chapman singing, "Fast Car" (see January 2008 post "Missing Roby").

I have looked at this blog before - down the rabbit hole I fall into when I am looking at blogs - but I never really took the time to look around and read.

Of particular interest to me today were the following:

Stop doing insignificant work in the world

Women wake us up - Tracy Chapman

I wish I could articulate what happened to me while I was reading her posts - I just felt my throat swell and my heart got that achy feeling when I know that there is something more in this world that we are all meant to do. I was inspired by this and I hope I can hold on to the thoughts that I had and the convictions that I have to be a better person, to try to build a better community and to teach by example.

Since I included her lyrics before, I wanted to add a clip of Tracy Chapman singing "Fast Car". And I added "Talking about a Revolution" for good measure. This is thanks to 37days. I used the embed feature so that people could watch the clips. Then I think they should go to her blog and read.

Tracy Chapman singing “Fast Car” video – from and YouTube

Tracy Chapman – “Talking about a Revolution” 1988

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