Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the Norm

After 11 days off, I went back to work today. It was really hard to get my brain moving at the right pace, in the right space.  The funny thing is that I really do enjoy working - I like interacting with people, I like the challenges, problem-solving, etc.  I miss interpreting every day, but I'm not confident enough to interpret in the environment I'm in - out of my comfort zone.

At the same time, I realized yesterday (again) that there is such disincentive to take time off in chunks that are larger than a day or two.  First there is the whole getting-used-to-having-time-off thing.  Then there is the catching up part.  Sometimes, after returning to work, I feel like the first day erased the whole thing.  It doesn't really - but it definitely puts a dent in it.  The good part is that my reactions are more relaxed when I come back from time off.

I thought about my word (HEART) today and how to infuse that in my work, my life. Didn't do much about it as I am working on a show.  I think a sub-word is ENGAGE.  I'm trying to find ways to re-engage and engage more deeply.

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