Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Long Time Companion"

This movie is still one of the most heart-breaking movies I've ever seen. It was the first real AIDS movie since "An Early Frost". Roby and I went to see it at KOIN Center and I knew that it was almost all he could do to go and see it.

I have seen it many times since, but there are two scenes that are almost unwatchable to me now. One is the scene when Bruce Davidson's character is taking care of his lover and letting him go. The whole idea of this brilliant man being struck down in the prime of his life and strapped to a bed because of dimentia...and having to release someone, despite your own pain. Incredibly real. Devestating. The other scene that breaks my heart STILL is the last scene when they imagine a world where AIDS never was and all their friends are there and they embrace and everyone is young and full of life and beautiful instead of sick and tired and emotionally-drained and scared.

If this movie had been made now, maybe it would have gotten the recognition it deserved. I don't know. But Bruce Davidson was nominated for an Acadamy Award. That was a really big deal. And Kudos to Campbell Scott who was just starting to carve out a career for himself. What a brave thing to do. As for Dylan McDermott - this is always how I see him. Best part he ever took.

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