Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jean Meet Wall

I hit the overwhelmed wall again today. I feel the weight of my responsibilites and commitments as heavily as can be. Some days, I just feel like I'm hanging on to everything by my toenails. The feeling will pass, but it is just getting through the days before it does...

I remembered fondly the days when I was a barista and how much I enjoyed that - looking into a mirror and chatting with the customers as I made their cappuccino with whole milk (this was in the old days - pre-Starbucks, pre-half-caf, non-fat soy latte with 3 shots of chocolate pudding and a shot of tequila...Simpler coffee times. :)

Anyway, I had a little cry-fest at my desk and that was cathartic enough to get through the rest of the day. The chaos in the industry is getting to me a little - just all the noise and conversation about all the crazy stuff. Even if you don't take any of it too seriously, it still adds up to a cacophony and that can give you a headache sometimes.

Good news: tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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