Monday, October 11, 2010

FWWE Day 10: My Boss Is Coming!

Please allow me to interrupt my "Four Word Wisdom Extravaganza" with the 4 word announcement that My Boss Is Coming!  The exclamation point is for emphasis that I am excited/happy that my boss is coming to town but also it is to emphasize the fact that he is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I had an opportunity to clean up the office some, which I don't often feel is the first priority when there is so much other work to do. Even though it isn't done, I am happy I got some of the old boxes moved or unpacked. It is a slow process...

I cleaned and detailed my car, but I got an email tonight saying that they (my boss and another VIP) will rent a car, so that is done for now.

Wish me luck this week. It will be good, but I know there will be some challenges and I just have to keep my stress level at a reasonable place and do only what I can do - there is no reason to freak out or get crazy with worry.

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