Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Excitement in the air

Right now, at 7:01pm, the election is Obama 207 Electoral votes to McCain's 135 Electoral votes.

There is a buzz around almost everything today. The traffic seemed different today. As I drove by the Ballot Drop Off, there were police and pylons and a big reader board announcing that the drop off site had moved across the street to the KMart parking lot...On Saturday, it had been in front of the Police Department. So many people needing to get their ballots in on this final night - before 8pm- that they had to move the drop off to the Kmart parking lot.

People who never engage in political discourse talking in whispered tones about their hopes for the election either way.

We are having a "Resistant to Change" potluck tomorrow - comfort food only and wearing pajama bottoms to work - to recognize the historic day. In a couple of weeks, we are having an "Embracing Change" potluck. So much is happening at work and the election and people just seemed like they needed a way to manage their feelings about it. When I brought this up, it made them laugh, so we decided to do it.

Regardless of the winner tonight - Change is coming. Capital 'C' Change. We are ready.

Buzz. Buzz. I am ready. Hope bubbles up.

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