Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sensitized, "Shirlock Holmes" and some AJ stuff

I went to the movies today and there was an ad for a horrendous looking movie with Nicolas Cage as a knight involved in the crusades who must take an evil, horrible witch somewhere to destroy her.  There were lots of other trailers but this was the one I remember and as I watched it, I thought, "No. No. Not seeing it. Not even on DVD later."  Even while watching "Shirlock Holmes", I thought, how intense everything is.  The movie was too loud and had some disgusting parts and some parts that were reminiscent of those "magician" movies that came out a couple of years ago. Not my thing at all.

After the movie, I was thinking about a scene where they show RDJ sitting in a restaurant and he is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds presented to him all simultaneously.  I know how that feels sometimes and I suspect that is why I am sensitized to these types of movies/topics.  The noise and the attention to detail render much of this work as too much for me - my imagination is pretty active and the scary details just serve to feed that part of my brain.  I don't really need/want any help there, thank you very much.

"Shirlock Holmes" was a better movie than I expected, but to me, the only real reason to see it is Robert Downey, Jr.  I would watch him read the phone book because he is THAT GOOD.  But I would rather watch him in other stuff - stuff with more humor.  Although an "Ironman 2"  trailer made me question if I want to see it at all.  It has Scarlett Johanson and Mickey Rourke in it - ick.  I'm sure I will see it as it will be one of those blockbusters that everyone sees, but I'm not looking forward to the other cast of characters in this one.

So, for my art journal pages, I have a few new pages.  I rewatched Teesha Moore's video on collages because I felt that there was something happening in my ability to do this spontaneously.  I think it was a good thing and so I did a few pages last night.  None of them are complete, but I think they have regained the quality I was looking for - not so planned, not so themed.  I did realize in doing these, what Teesha meant about the white page journals being more difficult in some ways.

Originally, I thought that the white page journal would be exactly what I wanted to do, but it is turning out to be much more challenging than I would have expected.  I think in the future, I may have one spread per book stay white, but will probably paint the other sets of pages.

Here are some of the newer pages, still in progress:
As I said, these are still works in progress.  For some reason, though, I felt compelled to post them - as if to say, I am still working on it - I haven't stopped.  I'm sure you will see more of these images as time goes on. As I said, I was looking to change how I was doing stuff and I think I accomplished that.  These are very different from what I had been doing and I'm not sure if I'm entirely comfortable with this "new" way, but it was freeing - not finding the "perfect" thing, but finding stuff that was interesting and intriguing.


  1. To quote a movie reviewer of a while back re:RDJ

    "Clooney, Pitt and him. That's the list."

    We really enjoyed Sherlock....The restaurant scene was a nice peek into his head. Also the attention and planing ahead of the fight scenes, loved it!

    And yes, the Nic Cage movie looked terrible!


  2. I LOVED "Sherlock Holmes." In fact, I loved it so much I saw it 4 times. I can't wait until the DVD comes out.

    RDJ was BRILLIANT in that movie!



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