Saturday, April 7, 2012

VerbTribe, Sleep and Reading

I have been doing my VerbTribe writing this week and today I slept a lot.  I really needed it. I felt a little guilty, but not enough to not do it.  I woke up at 8am and stayed up for a couple of hours (I have discovered Angry Birds on Facebook...oy!), then I decided to put a movie on and promptly feel back asleep.  I didn't do much but sleep, play Angry Birds and read today.  My shoulder hurts a little, so I had to stop playing the game - I really should know better.

Still working on "Mockingjay" - such a different read than the first two. And, I suppose, there was the naughty feeling that I should be doing something else. I think, sometimes, that has more of an effect than I want to think about.  I have quite a list of books in the line of "to be read", so I need to get my behind in gear.

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