Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Embarking on a New Journey

Well, friends, I know we have been here before...and I have dropped the ball a few times.

Tomorrow, my VerbTribe course starts. I'm nervous and excited and scared that I will poop out on this journey as I seem to do sometimes. I did set myself up for success this time - this is the only course I'm taking that is time-bound. I don't have another project or show that I'm working on.  I don't anticipate too much chaos at this time.  That's about all anyone can ask, really.

I know that when I fall down on some of my classes/journeys, it is often about resistance and fear. I'm working on it. I working on facing fear, on breaking through the real and perceived barriers. Usually, the main barrier is ME. My brain is a pretty sneaky enemy sometimes, but at least I know it.

Wish me luck, Fellow Rumpusers. I don't think I will need it because I am determined to see this through and walk through the fear and anxiety of exposure and commitment.  I know I am in good hands.

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