Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have long known that I am particularly sensitive to adrenaline and have learned to manage it in certain situations - for interpreting shows, presentations, etc.  Sometimes, though, you can't control the shot of adrenaline you are given.

This week I had an important meeting that I really wanted to go well (I think it did) and that creates a level of heightened adrenaline. I got through it, felt pretty good but also knew that I was somewhat exhausted from moving through that...

On Friday, we had a fire alarm with a true fire in the parking garage. A variety of features in our building (forced air in the elevator shaft, etc.) meant that the halls filled with smoke and the acrid smell of a car fire.  The alarms went off and BAM! More adrenaline for Jean.

Perhaps I am too serious, but I take my responsibilities seriously - ensuring that everyone is out of the building, staying safe, within communication range. I need to stay in touch with our other sites and keep everyone pretty calm, try to problem solve and make decisions and assume responsibility for those decisions.  I'm not afraid of any of that, but it is serious business for me.

Suffice to say that Friday night was a wash. I was in the office late to finish up my reports on the day's events and wrap up any loose ends.  I crashed while watching "Mirror, Mirror" on DVD.

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