Sunday, July 13, 2008

Childhood food memories - Happy

Since I was a "picky eater" (what a label to carry all your life...), I had very few lunch options in elementary school. As my dad was in the Air Force, when we moved to Germany, there was no option for buying lunch. You HAD to bring lunch or go home for lunch. The school rooms I was in during second and third grade were in the basement of the base housing and used to be old maid's quarters with a little foyer and bathroom and a bigger living space and bedroom. The only foods I liked to take were fried bologna sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly (grape) sandwiches accompanied by snack pak fruit cups (I liked peaches mostly) and some potato chips and celery sticks.

When I went home, we usually had macaroni and tomato sauce (a family recipe). THAT is still one of my favorite foods and one of the only things my mother cooked that I can actually reproduce with some accuracy. We never really ate mac and cheese - my mother doesn't like cheese and she never ate it growing up, so we had this other alternative - cheap, healthy and easy to stretch the budget.

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  1. How fantastic that you've shared your food memories with us from your childhood. I remember eating spam sandwiches and lard (animal fat) on toast, (we were particularly poor when growing up) which was a horrendous taste!



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