Saturday, July 5, 2008

Purple Haze Mosaic

I know, I know. I'm at it again. I just love this process of putting photos together. I wish I could take beautiful photos but I never really learned how. But my mind is like a movie or a mosaic, putting shapes and colors and images together, so for right now, this suits me very well.

1. Purple Rain, 2. The Purple Moment (Part 3), 3. what's with the purple bags????, 4. purple haze, 5. a1510 Purple on Orange, 6. Purple Finches by Scott Evans, 7. APRIL SWAP purple n gween, 8. Purple Haze all in my Brain, 9. Deep Purple..., 10. Minimal purple, 11. Purple Lightning, 12. Bench_Purple, 13. Pink Party Balloons on Purple, 14. purple bangle, 15. deep purple, 16. i enviolet you, 17. The Purple Frog, 18. my purple doll shoes., 19. Untitled, 20. Purple Patch(work) , 21. Yellow,Purple & Blue, 22. Purple Eyes, 23. Purple rain, 24. Old chair, 25. one little punky monkey, 26. Purple pencils, 27. blueberry and milk, 28. What purple is all about, 29. choc mud with purple and mauve hues, 30. 28/30 "Purple tights," she said after some consideration "are rather more then just tights. I mean, tights in themselves are nothing out of the ordinary, but when they're purple, they say something. they seem to have their own opinion., 31. Purple M&Ms, 32. Wet eggplant, 33. purple button, 34. Violet Red?, 35. Purple, 36. Little Purple Flower Petal on a Fuzzy Green Leaf

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