Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dissatisfied at the end of July

Ever have one of those days - not exactly a bad day...a day of realization that isn't permanent realization - maybe it is just existential angst, temporary but no less intense than if it was a permanent state of affairs - where nothing is GOOD?

I am getting ready to interpret the show and not feeling it like I should. I went downstairs to get ready and I looked at all my clothes and I realized I hate all my clothes today. I don't think I hate them everyday...just today. I like all the pink things but I can't wear pink to interpret. Each thing has some small flaw. And nothing sounds good to eat. And I don't want to do my job anymore.

What I really want is to go see movies and shows and read and clean my sounds so adolescent. Mid-life crisis? Who knows? Just feeling antsy and dissatisfied.

But I am trying to break out of it. Instead of my usual "I'm staying in the house all day Saturday because I CAN", I have accepted an invitation to go see "The Dark Knight" - at Bridgeport no less - in the IMAX theatre...What was I thinking?

I think I have had like 5 social engagements in the last month. That has to be a world's record compared to the last 3 years. Dang...maybe things are looking up already...

And another post to make up for the lack this month. HA! Take that Nablopomo! (it really isn't their just sounded funny in my head)

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