Monday, August 18, 2008

Murphy's Law?

So all the computers in my work life have gone insane with the dreaded Blue Screen of is driving me crazy. And I ordered a pair of just white tennis shoes and when they came (I get what I deserve for ordering shoes off the internet), they were grandma tan - you know the kind. For about a nano-second, I thought, "Just keep it. It is less trouble than sending them back." I even looked at the box, sure that I had just pressed the wrong button and deserved the hideous looking things...but NO. The box said SPORT WHITE. Now, unless I am insane, SPORT WHITE was never the kind of tan that these shoes are...Seriously - orthopedic shoe tan. Now, if I needed an orthopedic shoe or if I had ordered a tan shoe, I would be fine with that. I didn't. I ordered white.

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