Friday, January 15, 2010

Marvelling and a Rant

Who knew that there was a thriving business in vintage photos and images online? It's hard to believe that there is this whole niche out there that I knew nothing about until now. I shouldn't be surprised - I should have known. The photo above is one example of an old photo from a collection of old photos to be used in art projects or the like.

Last week in my Saturday class, the instructor had old photos from estate sales and antique stores included in her goodie bags. She said she thought it was a shame the photos would be lost. I feel the same way about photos. As I have said here before, that is one of the things that saddens me most - the loss of a person's history and image and the stories of their lives told in photos. When I got home that night, I decided to check out eBay for vintage photos to see what I could find. Oh, my. I found A LOT. So, I bought a couple of CDs worth. I can't wait to use them in some art journals. The images and faces are so unique and fun.

RANT: 3D Televisions
It is almost absurd that I should have to have a rant about the release of 3D televisions and the world's first 3D channel. When I heard about it, I thought it must be a joke. Why would anyone want to buy ANOTHER electronic device and one that requires you to buy completely separate glasses that you can only wear when you are at home? Why would you want to have things seem as if they were jumping out at you all the time?

I may come back and eat my words (it has happened before...), but I'm just going to go on the record and say that I DO NOT WANT a 3D television. I don't even have cable for heaven's sake. I don't have a flat screen yet, either, because I have a perfectly good television that lived through the transition. When it breaks, I will see what I need to do from there.

Next rant possibly about online movie rental versus actually going somewhere to rent one. I feel like I dropped down into bizarro world and I really, really want to get out sometimes.


  1. In jumping through some of your previous posts, I came across "Tommy Körberg sings "Anthem" from Chess".

    Such a great musical! Thanks for that post :)

  2. Yep! Did you see my FB post about my local video store closing? Browsing for the actual movies, and picking them up, looking at the covers, etc...and maybe get a glimpse of other movies you had never thought about, and pick that up. Can't do that when you look at an online list.

    I also REALLY laughed when i read about magnifying glasses you can buy so you can see the movies on your ipod bigger! HA!




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