Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Fever - Confession

I LOVE the Olympics. I always think, "This time, I won't really care...I don't know any of the atheletes anyway...I will read about it..." then the reality. I LOVE watching the Olympics. I love that people are competing for their country, I love that 3 atheletes come from some tiny country we have never heard of and they probably won't win, but they are just proud to be there. I love the triumph of the spirit and the surprises because someone told them they couldn't win.

I remember seeing some of the 1976 Olympics when I was a little girl - we lived in Germany at the time and had visited the Olympic stadiums in Munich. We watched Nadia Comaneci - the first time I had ever watched gymnastics knowingly.

Anyway, I have just loved the whole Michael Phelps challenge to win 8 gold medals and the greatness of Dara Torres coming back to swimming for her 5th? Olympics at age 41. The US Men's Gymnastics team performing despite losing 2 of their team leaders. The women's Gymnastics team coming together to do good work despite injuries. Watching the Chinese Men's gynmastics team perform at home, the synchronized diving, etc.

Did I say I LOVE the Olympics?

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