Sunday, August 3, 2008

Places I've Lived...Nostalgia continued

This is where we lived in Florida

Panama City, Florida - 5230 Park Street. The marker is on the wrong house. We were the corner lot on the inside. We lived across the street from Nina Haanio (her father was Hawaiin), Thalia Smith, Julie (big hair), Debbie (Italian family), Sandy (mean girl lived down the street), Robert (Linda's big crush), Joe Pitt lived somewhere around (Robert's friend), Dee Dee Small lived on the opposite inside corner lot. We rode our bikes around doing the "what do you want to do?" "I don't know what do you what to do?" lament that kids do when they are 11 and 12. During the summer, we went swimming every day - either at the base pool or in the Tyndall Bay.

Here are some pictures of the beaches where we swam and the pool, too. My sister has all the pictures of our house and friends in Panama City, so I have to try and talk her into scanning them for me.

Panama City Beach

Mexico Beach

Tyndal AFB Swimming Pool

It is hard to find pictures of some of this stuff, even online. I was trying to find the schools I went to, but some schools don't even have pictures online. Some of the schools don't exist anymore, I think.

Anyway...just trying to record some of this so that I won't forget.

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