Sunday, December 2, 2012

How I Remember

I think we all have a mechanism in our brain that sometimes freezes people in time for when we are remembering them, thinking about them. It is often the way we most want to remember them - when they were funny, young, beautiful, enjoying life. Even when people continue to be funny, young, beautiful and enjoy their lives, they sometimes are stuck in one time in my mind.

When I remember Amy, I remember her from the Mockingbird house and the outrageous laughter that we all shared back then. When I received this photo of Amy, it just re-cemented my memory of her into that time.

So, you might wonder why she is holding One Whole (Canned) Chicken (tasty hot or cold, the label says). We brought her this chicken as a gag gift. We didn't tell her who gave it to her for a couple of years, but she knew. Upon opening it, she immediately looked around the room before pointing in my direction and yelling out "Jean Miller!!" I played dumb, but I know she saw through me. And we laughed and laughed at this outrageous gift.

I'm so glad there was a photo of her with it. This is how I remember her.

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