Monday, December 24, 2012

One Day More...

One Day more, another day, another destiny.
Fantine has always been one of the characters that moves me the most. I can't wait to see Anne Hathaway's portrayal. She said she saw her mother perform as Fantine on Broadway when she was 7 years old. What an amazing connection to the show! Here are some more "Les Miserables" memories: Les Miserables Memory #3: Dec. 1988, Broadway Theatre, NYC. Sitting center orchestra, Roby gripping my hand next to me. Wild anticipation waiting for the curtain to open on the Original Broadway Cast of "Les Miserables" except for Colm Wilkinson. Garry Morris was Jean Valjean. I wept from the moment the curtain opened until about 15 minutes after the show ended. The most perfect kind of overwhelmed a person can experience. Les Miserables Memory #4: Sheer terror at the thought that I would be interpreting the tourning "Les Miserables" when I had never interpreted any music other than "The Star Spangled Banner" and Christmas assembly music in K12. Then, the music started and I knew every breath. I have never interpreted anything so well as I did that night - it was not skill, it was all heart.

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