Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Safety of Objects - The Artist's Way

Week one of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron talks about items that bring us a sense of safety.  When I first read about that, I kind of thought, "What do you mean?"  I think in this life we have so many THINGS in our lives that we touch or see regularly that we don't really - I don't really think about it.

It only took me a couple of minutes to think of one object that I would say gave me a sense that all was right with the world and ironically, it is the one item I don't have readily available to me anymore.

My object is a tiny pewter Piglet pin (Piglet of Classic Winnie the Pooh stories) that I bought with Roby's mom and sister the day we picked up his ashes.  We had stopped at a little store for goodness only knows what and I saw these tiny little pins and bought one for each of us as a talisman.  Hard to explain now, but it made sense then.

I wore my pin every day for about 3 years - even one of the students I used to interpret with remembers it.  I touched it any time I was feeling stressed or anxious.  Just a tiny pin that represented Roby's spirit - it felt to me as if that pin had him in it.  When I touched it, I felt grounded.  

One day, years after I started wearing it, I got into my car after a job and when my hand went to my collar to touch it, as was my habit, it was gone!  I panicked.  Literally freaked.  I looked everywhere, I went back to the job and looked and asked others to keep an eye out for my pin.  I wept when I realized it was probably gone.  I mean, this thing is TINY and the back of the pin was a tie tack - they get loose eventually.  Finally, a couple of days later, I was getting into my car and found it tucked between my car seat and the emergency break.  I was ecstatic and decided to put the pin on a ribbon hanging from my rear view mirror.  Not the same as wearing it daily, but I didn't want to lose it because of the loose tie tack (um, replace the back...).

When the car was totalled in an accident, I had to pull all my stuff out of the car and I put it in a box that I have lost track of...but I still think about that pin.  And miss it.  Sometimes, my hand will stray to my collar to touch it.  It isn't there, but I think that is where I carry Roby's energy still.

So, there you have it.  My safety object. I know I have it here somewhere, and now I am motivated to try to find it.


  1. you know, even if you never find it, the energy of that little pin, your safe object is still with you.. thanks for sharing the journey with us!

  2. I second Robyn's comment. If I picture your hand coming up to your collar to touch it, it seems like your hand would then be very close to your heart .... Need I say more :)



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