Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art Journaling Update

I took today to go through some of my papers from the online classes I have taken for Art Journaling. I printed up all the materials and I haven't really organized or started either one of them, so I decided that's what I would do.

I didn't get to the art part today as I was organizing and cutting things out of some magazines and organizing those pages and pictures and phrases.  As I was doing it, I also looked at the two different kinds of journals I have been working in and thinking about what it is exactly that I'm doing.

I thought maybe I could do both or mix it up a little, but I realized that there are two or three issues that are really the things that stop me from moving forward.
  1. Teesha Moore style art journaling and visual journaling with collage for a journal are really different.
  2. I'm not sure which one I'm looking for so I haven't been able to pick a style or even to do both.
  3. Perfection rearing it's ugly head again. It comes in a lot of forms but mostly, when it comes down to it, it is me judging myself against some external standard. On the face of it I can see it for what it is - um, HI.  I'm not doing this for money or a grade. Why does it have to be perfect? Try it.  But there are still the little niggling doubts. 
Anyway, that's where things are at tonight. I was hoping for some art-a-palooza this weekend, but it just didn't happen. Obviously, there is still tomorrow, but I did work on some stuff. Getting things ready just means I won't have to spend that time another day.

Another project:  Set up my art space so that I don't have to set up and take down EVERY TIME I want to do something. That takes up so much time, by the time I get everything ready, my time is up or I'm not in the mood any more.  I need a dedicated space to make it easier. I guess it would take away an excuse not to have made a page or done something artful other than the prep work.  

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  1. Hi Jean, Thank for stopping by. I too enjoy your visits. With your projects. You need to get your wreck this journal attitude back. Try it there way. If you don't like it mess it up and make if fun. Or just pour honey on it. lol



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