Monday, June 23, 2008

MIA from Blogland

I keep thinking that I will have something brilliant to share if I just give myself some time, but I actually think that the more time I take away, the less I have to talk about. I know that I think about all kinds of stuff all day long and when I was blogging every day, at least I took the time to kind of simmer down and put something out there...It didn't always make sense, but I think it helped me gather my thoughts.

I know that Nablopomo was too much pressure to do a third month in a row. It wasn't the daily thing so much as the theme and how I never managed to keep to the theme everyday. I'm looking to see what the July theme birthday month, so it might be cool to do another one for that...depends on the theme, though.

Anyway, not much to share. I saw a good movie called, "The Namesake" which I really liked. I love East Indian information, color schemes, people, etc. I liked it a lot. Made me miss my Dad.

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