Saturday, August 7, 2010

Story without Details

I clicked on an archived post and read it just now. I understood the intention and the information that was posted by I had NO IDEA what I was referring to...

It just made me realize that if I want to remember my life (the actual events) and what I did, said, who was involved, etc., I better start writing stories (with the details) down somewhere because I certainly don't remember most of it when I read the vague stuff on the blog.

Obviously, I can't be telling specifics and naming names from work and from my life for a variety of reasons, but it just struck me today that reading some of the things I said makes ME wonder what happened...funny. I'm not upset about it - just fascinated by how open and yet how covered up things can be at the same time. I just feel a sense of caution about ALL my information online. Keeping a blog is opening up to public scrutiny in many ways ANYWAY, but keeping the details on the DL seems prudent to me.

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