Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remote posting from email

I read that I can post remotely from an email account, which would make life a lot easier when I'm travelling.  I'm going to Oakland this week, so I wanted to have a contingency plan in place before I leave.

Oakland is a strange place.  The office is right downtown, so there is nothing really to do or see for about a mile.  Last time I was there, I walked down to a movie theatre and caught a viewing of "Iron Man" the day before it came out in Portland.  That was fun.  It was good to see a movie  with lots of other people reacting.  I really enjoyed that.  But the walk back home wasn't so was like 10:30pm and there were just a few places that I didn't really feel I wanted to be after dark when I wasn't really sure what was around. 

Normally, I don't worry about that stuff.  It isn't like Oakland is that much scarier than NYC or even downtown Portland in the evening, except for the quality of the unknown. 

Anyway, I'm going to stay at a different hotel this time because the place I stayed at last time had crappy AC and if its going to be hot, I won't get any sleep at all.  I hate the heat.  Plus, I know the air quality isn't great right now because of the fires that got started by electrical lightning last week.  So, I don't really want to sleep with the windows open like I did last time.

So, let's see if this works or if it will be radio silence until I get back.  Every time I start Nablopomo, I have to go out of town like the next day.  Weird.

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