Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 things I would buy if I had a million dollars...

From 10 for Tuesday on I couldn't figure out how to get the badge on this one...

10 things you'd buy if you had a million dollars

There’s no getting by easy on this one like saying “giving it to charity” or “saving it for my kids’ college”. You’ve got a million dollars, and you’ve got to spend it on yourself. Your list can add up to a million dollars, or each of the items on your list could be huge million dollar splurges. Your choice! Be greedy, spoil yourself!

Here is my list:

1. A house with a library like "Meet Joe Black" and a room for videos and a walk in shower and a pool

2. I would hire a driver

3. I would buy new computer equipment so that I could work with music, photos and all the other stuff I do

4. I would buy a beach house at Cannon Beach

5. I would plan regular trips to NYC to see Broadway shows

6. I would buy a really nice espresso machine like the one I used to use when I worked at The Kobo's Company (a really, really long time ago)

7. Hardback editions of the British Harry Potter books

8. Tickets to see the final performance of "RENT" on Broadway

9. I would pay to put all my old tapes of Broadway clips onto DVD - someone else to do the work but I enjoy the fruits

10. I would buy my mother a nice house. For me, this would make me very happy.

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