Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memories of "Interpreting for the Theatre"

Since I received news of Alan Champion's death yesterday, I have been immersed in memories of not only Alan, but the other instructors, the friends I made, the deeply personal experiences I had and how much the program really shaped me as an interpreter.  I've posted about some of it in the past, so I won't go into it again here. Mostly, I'm just remembering some really good times and posting it here will keep a lot of good memories all together in an easy-to-find location.

Alan Champion in 2005 with the "Interpreting for the Theatre" students.  We were at the theatre rehearsing for "La Cage Au Folles" - our project.

This was an interpreted production of "Rent" in 2000? I'm not sure of the year - it was one of the times I went to support a friend. I think it was pre-9/11...The first interpreter on the left was a student in the program, then Candace Broecker-Penn, Alan Champion, and Rick Rubin.
This is the 1999 group after the performance of "Miss Saigon" on Broadway.

I have to figure out how to crop this photo so it is more normal and usable. Anyway, this is the  "TDF At Juilliard" Class 1999.  I think it was the second year of the one-week intensive. Our project show was "Miss Saigon". I interpreted the opening song of the second act, "Bui Doi".
From the caption on the photo, you can see this was the "TDF at Juilliard Class of 2005". My current boss was in this class - we didn't know we would eventually have a regular working relationship. That was years later.  And sweet Trixie (Raymont Anderson) in the black and orange shirt on the right.  I have been in and out of touch with several of these folks over the years.
The escalator up to the Juilliard School. Taken in 1996 in anticipation of my eventual attendance in the program.  Even then, I knew it would have a profound impact on me.

1999 TDF/Juillaird "Interpreting for the Theatre" Class.  Digital cameras make a huge difference, don't they?  I am trying to doctor this one up, but I'm having some challenges with my photo program.

1999 - The TDF Program instructors all together in one place.

After the last day of the program, Tammy, Kristen (not pictured) and I went to see "Les Miserables". This was after the show - you can tell by our bawling red faces.
Raymont Anderson, aka "Trixie" (see shirt) sending us love from D.C.

TDF Class of 2005. I am looking for the class list - I think I was smart enough to record the names so that I would remember them in the future. I don't think I have everyone's full name, but I have a close approximation. Candace Broecker-Penn and Alan Champion are reclined in front. 

This was the post-program wrap up where we had an opportunity to provide feedback and discuss the successes of the week. It was an INCREDIBLE WEEK. Some TRULY amazing people were in this program.

Lunch on Saturday - the last day. L-R: Becky, Kathy and Libby.

The Metropolitan Opera House. Steps away from the Juilliard dorms.

Night view from my dorm window.

Raymont Anderson

Melissa, Amanda, Judy, me

View from my dorm window in the daytime.

Becky, Ray, Katy and I were walking back from the show...the store was closing up at 12am.

I apologize for not having all the last names AND that I may spell some names incorrectly.  Back row: Jennifer Wilkinson; Molly; Raymont Anderson; Jean Miller; Judy Robbins; Christine I - S; Mia, Nancy, Pam Parham   Middle row:  Katy; Bri; Melissa; Wing Butler; Jessie Romer; Kathy Fehrjohn  Front row:  Rachel; Becky; Amanda Rose; Libby; Maria 

Looking down at the Metropolitan Opera House from the dorm room. They were having a fair outside that Saturday.
I am still looking to get correct spellings for all the names here. I have such cherished memories of my time with the TDF program, the students, the shows, New York and the instructors.


  1. Hey Jean - I just found this blog. This is such a sweet tribute. It's good to see all the faces again. Thanks for being YOU! And thanks for this. Hugs to you. xoxo Stephanie Feyne

    1. Ah, Stephanie! I have so much I want to say about you and the program and my experiences...words always fail me.

      Your sweet support is a memory I hold to my heart. Thank you for visiting me here! :)

      Hugs and THANK YOU!

    2. AHHHH GREAT memories....!
      Was working on a few workshop notes for part of event I am teaching tomorrow and I decidd to see how the Julliard program was currently and then found this!! :D
      GREAT tribute and great memories!!!

    3. Ray - You are such a bright light for me, even still. You are such an amazing human. I love seeing you find your wings and fly! Thank you for popping over! I hope we run into each other again some day! XOXO



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