Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 31: Barbara and Shari

Ah, what can I say on this last day of gratitude and Thank-Full-ness! Day 31 is reserved for my friends Barbara and Shari.

These two women flew up here to see an interpreted performance of "The Lion King" with my friend CB from Day 11. I had never met them...when the show was over, we went to Marrakesh, my favorite Moroccan restaurant, had a lovely dinner and the rest was history. It is hard to explain, but I immediately felt a connection to these women and it was mutual (which is rare but really nice). Since then, we have shared birthdays, beach trips, laughter, tears, long talks about the world and our place in it, collaged together and missed each other because we are far away from each other most of the time.

In October, we went on a lovely vacation to Nevada to Dave Walley's Hot Springs (see posts for more info). The few days were too short - I long for their company.

Barbara is intuitive, sensitive, clever, thoughtful and funny - she sees the world in a very special way. Shari is strong and sensitive and EVOLVED. They share my love of movies, movies, movies! We all love Harry Potter in any form...but it is more than all of that. We just connect.

Dearest Barbara and Shari- I miss you so much! All the time and I am terrible at telling you. I know we were supposed to cross paths and I'm so grateful for your love and friendship, even from afar. Your spirits and thoughts swirl around me in good times and bad and I love you both for your protection and care. I know I will see you soon, but in the mean time, a big virtual hug. I love you!

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