Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Friends - Thank You

I know that things have been vague and slightly ominous in the blog recently - I don't feel that I can really discuss certain issues here, so I thank you all for your patience and good thoughts.

Things are looking slightly less stormy at work (it is not a hurricane, but a torrential rain with very black clouds threatening, high winds).  I have had a health scare, but I am seeing a doctor tomorrow to determine how freaked out I should be (I think it will be a minor thing that needs to be tended to).

There is challenge in the air right now, but I am feeling pretty calm. I have a great support system and I am an interpreter. That is a pretty unbeatable combination. I will land on my feet no matter what happens.

Thank you all for your good thoughts, phone calls and love. I can feel it and it buoys me up.  Maybe I just needed a reminder of how blessed I really am. Thanks for the kick in the pants. But enough now. Seriously. :)

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